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New Product Development

This new product development was lead by myself as an extension of Thomas Cook’s existing Lyk card product. The new product was designed to give parents a seamless and simple interface for tracking & controlling their children’s pocket money spending abroad. This was also designed to increase customer retention, for parents to continue using the product even after their holiday. This is reflected in my design choices by using a simple and intuitive interface with familiar colour schemes that show clear transitions to specific pages


Parents will be able to push real time funds to their linked child accounts through their mobile app or online.


The product will allow child accounts to be created alongside the parent account, with cards and/or Wearables issued to children for their own spending.


Parents can manage their child accounts through their parent mobile app or online, viewing balances, transactions and PIN; freeze or unfreeze child cards and Wearables and change passwords or personal details.


Children can spend funds that have been pushed to them directly by the parent from their account. Children cannot not load their account directly in store, online or via a bank transfer.


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